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Steps to Eating & Enjoying Ice Cream This Summer

It’s that time of year-ice cream season! That means that social events, dates, parties and even just for fun, will have the cold sweet as part of the menu or activities. And especially if you live in New England, you know the fun of going to the ice cream stand over the few months they are open a year. Of course, you don’t want to miss out!

But the thought of indulging a few times on ice cream makes some people worried or anxious. Some people skip the ice cream stand or pass up their favorite dessert all together. Many people feel that having ice cream is a “cheat” or “bad food”. But why do we need to feel like this? Thank goodness, it does not have to be this way. Ice cream is a tasty treat that does have sugar and fat. Your body knows how to breakdown sugar and fat because it has been programed to do this since we were born (and for generations before you).

Check out these steps to make your next ice cream enjoyable AND guilt free!

-Stop eating your meal before you feel full (slightly still hungry means there is still room in your stomach for a treat)

-Check out the options and decide which you will enjoy the most

-Ask yourself if toppings are a must or if your ice cream will be great without toppings

-Decide cone or dish

Do you need it to be portable with one hand?

Are you going to eat it pretty quickly or more slowly?

Are you likely to eat most/all of it now? If you don’t finish it, what will you do with it?

Are you getting toppings that need a bowl?

Do you like the cone options available?

Will you enjoy your ice cream more if it is served one way or the other?

-Scoop out or order a portion of a flavor you will enjoy (when in doubt, ask for a small size and take your time to enjoy it)

Enjoying an occasional ice cream is not going to ruin your health. Treats, like ice cream, on occasion, do a lot less negative to our health than the foods and habits we do everyday.

Happy eating!

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